Who We Are

Affordable, All-inclusive Transitional Housing

We provide safe and affordable housing through our rentals, transitional housing, and adult care homes for people with special circumstances.

We provide a wide range of clean, safe housing options with a commitment to quality housing that is unmatched.

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Lovingkindness Homes Takes a Holistic Approach with Our Residents

Our mission is to improve the lives of our clients through affordable, all-inclusive housing environments that are centered around respect, empathy, self-learning, and pride of ownership. Coordination of services and an interdisciplinary approach to management helps ensure quality of life for our residents. We prioritize their well-being by taking into consideration their physical and personal needs. Our transitional housing and specialized services create a thriving community for our residents.

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Our Process

Our services are provided through a team approach, which includes working with other local and state non-profits as well as government entities to meet the needs of the community. Coordination of services translates into better outcomes for clients and a higher level of satisfaction.

We believe in taking a unique, individualized approach to accepting residents. Our highly-trained team works hand-in-hand with health professionals and organizations from the local community to carefully select clients whose needs are best suited for our program. Additionally, families of current or past members have been instrumental in referring new applicants – emphasizing that each person is given undivided attention with services tailored specifically for them!

We’ll work with you every step of the way to ensure a safe and secure living situation, whether that means providing supportive adult home care or transitional housing. With a multitude of services designed to support you, we’ll help empower and equip you with the best possible solution. Together we can make your journey more confident, relaxed and satisfying!

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Watch this video to see our founder, Lakesha Davis, share about why she started this organization and what the future holds for Lovingkindness Homes, LLC.

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