Say Hello to Affordable Housing

We provide safe, affordable, and quality all-inclusive living environments to all of those who are in need!

Do you need a place to call home?

Look no further. Lovingkindness Homes is here – and we provide safe, affordable housing to veterans, seniors on fixed incomes, formerly incarcerated, those who have aged out of foster care, and anyone facing special circumstances. Let us help lift the burden from your shoulders so that you can start fresh with an affordable roof over your head!

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We Are Here to Help

Lovingkindness Homes is uniquely created for various demographics and provides affordable housing, teams of skilled staff, and access to a selection of third party services for vulnerable and special needs populations.

Everyone deserves a fresh start. That’s why we offer second chances to those in need, no matter their current income, background, or past credit issues!

We strive to provide individuals transitioning out of incarceration with the safe and secure housing environment they need to start a successful journey.

Our team is proud to provide personalized care to those who need assistance with daily living. We give our clients and their families a helping hand in maintaining independence, dignity, and quality of life.

With our affordable housing solutions, we offer many luxuries to help make life easier for our residents, creating an environment of comfort, convenience and ease.

Who We Are

From the beginning, we have provided various special needs populations with affordable housing and access to services to help them thrive. Our residents appreciate the all-inclusive, clean and safe environments that is hard to find elsewhere.

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